How wonderful to start an adventure in the still quite unexplored Spanish Virgin Islands to find tranquillity, peace and undisturbed bays to retreat and unwind.


  • Spanish Virgin Islands

    • Icacos

    • Palomino

    • Culebra

    • Culebrita

    • Vieques

    • and many more sweet gems of Puerto Rico along the way

  1. You can extend your trip by doing sailing retreats back to back in series
  2. or book a sailing retreat extended with leisure trip 
  3. and start and end at a different location
  4. Longer trips can include or depart from US Virgin Island and the British Virgin Islands (*)
  5. On request, you can broaden your horizon to the other islands in the Caribbean Sea. 
  6. During these times of restrictions, it's best to discuss possibilities before you book due to changes in the requirements of Covid testing. 


(*) when they open up again! 

NOTE: the slides are merely an indication. Get in touch for specifics.