How wonderful to start an adventure in the still quite unexplored Spanish Virgin Islands to find tranquillity, peace, and undisturbed bays to retreat and unwind.


  • Spanish Virgin Islands are the islands of Puerto Rico. To the east of the main island of Puerto Rico, you find a beautiful series of islands that form a fantastic itinerary with a creative variety of legs to sail and bays to anchor and shores to explore:

    • Icacos

    • Lobos

    • Palomino

    • Piñeros

    • Culebra

    • Culebrita

    • Luis Peña

    • Vieques (check out the specials for Vieques!)

    • Cayo Largo

    • Cayo Blanco

    • and many more sweet gems of Puerto Rico along the way


  • Connect different islands for separate day and night visits with a sufficient multi-day booking.
  • Visit several bays of one or two islands, i.e. Culebra Flamenco Beach, Culebrita, and Luis Peña, OR visit the variety of bays at Vieques along the south coast, and even add a kayak tour at the bioluminescent Mosquito bay. Sufficient multi-day booking is required.
  • Daysails from Fajardo's marina do not give sufficient time for visiting the further east islands of Puerto Rico and instead mainly target Icacos, Lobos, Palomino, and Piñeros. Punta Arena (VQS) on a longer day trip.
  • We also consider anchoring at the reefs for water-experienced guests.


Check out the photo gallery (link at top of this page).


  1. Connect the sequence of sailing retreats back to back
  2. Join a sailing retreat and extend it with some leisure time
  3. Tailored itinerary options; start and end at different locations
  4. Longer trips possible; with or without private coaching in manifesting hearts desires.
  5. Broaden your horizon to the other islands in the Caribbean Sea*. 


* During these times of restrictions, it's best to discuss possibilities due to changes in the Covid related requirements.


NOTE: the slides are merely an indication. Get in touch for specifics.