Work with your teams, management or co-founders and owners, investors to set a clear course toward the goals. This is learning a highly effective set of tools you can use forever in your business and in your personal life as well, to achieve your goals faster, even though working with influencing powers and with many souls with each their luggage, visions, perceptions and belief systems. 
Possibilities are

  • incentives for team leaders
  • remote private orientation/meeting/creation 
  • flotilla sailing possible: with more vessels than one for bigger teams
  • tailored to the need
  • private short term sailing retreats
  • or sabbatical sailing retreats 
  • integrity and discretion by the ethical oath of coaching and counselling. 
  • effective coaching without needing the details of your life shared. 
  • be inspired by the descriptions with the retreats
  • from 1 to 6 persons per vessel. 
  • embark and disembark in different locations
  • contact Mik to discuss your specific wishes. 
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Starting from $ 7,000

G U E S T   P E R F OR M A N C E - A B O A R D   Y O U R   O W N   Y A C H T - Do the sailing retreats on your own yacht. Whether private or charter vessels. Have the specialty sailing retreats to come to you. Stay on your own vessel. Use your own crew Larger groups possible Assemble your own group   Form a flotilla option Location of choice Sail /Power boat choice - F L E X I B I L I T Y - Any and all retreat programs can be facilitated onboard a vessel combined with a resort setting. - C ON T A C T  M E - Call or email me to discuss your wishes and quote inquiries. .

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Navigating to Success - Tour

Navigating to Success

  • Carribean Islands or Mediterranean
  • 9 Nights 10 Days
Starting from $ 10,000

Navigating to Success is for business or entrepreneurial individuals or teams.  The purpose of this retreat is to coach you to unity with your business purpose and/or your (management) teams.   This is about getting everybody involved in the crucial steps of a business or project to have all their 'noses' pointed in the same direction.  Every individual person has his or her own limiting set of beliefs, assumptions, and thoughts. Conclusions and judgments are usually made without a blink of an eye. This retreat will have you become aware of that and will teach you how to get beyond it. Release Limiting Beliefs Your individual belief system can be limiting results and performance of team effort or joint ventures in business. While the leader of the team (usually the founder, initiator and/or the business owner) might be excited and have enthusiastic high-frequency energy for the goals ahead and the ways to get there, it can be challenging to keep it that way during the process of bringing something new to fruition.  Not only (subconscious) limiting beliefs of the initiator can get in the way, but also that of any team member involved in the process. As if a pack of other frequencies is interfering with the goal setter it can slow down or impact the creation processes and its end results.  Usually, this is palpable but not so obvious as being the cause of stagnation and loss of the flow in creation.Private Individual and Group Guidance On this retreat, besides group sessions, every participant gets individual private sessions to release these limiting energies holding them and others they work with back on a subconscious level.  During the group sessions, everyone gets to release on specific goal aspects and resistances without having to expose and share their issues or subjects they want to release.Tails to the Tales Every release on any subject can cause more releases that come with it unnoticed. This is great because it prevents the over-analyzing of whatever 'might be' bothering the person. There are usually more issues holding the same frequency and they have clustered together. Releasing on one specific issue that comes to mind can easily lead to releasing the stuck energies that are related to different issues. The fun part here, is that you don't need to 'know' what it is.. The energies just start flowing to be released. And once it's gone, it's really gone. Having that said, it doesn't mean you're done in one session: There are usually layers to unravel and this will happen as we work persistently on a daily base the way you will learn. This practice is very effective and you get to learn this and take it home with you: a tool for life to use whenever you want.Planning Plan this retreat far ahead of time to get the most out of it and have smooth and satisfactory arrangements made for you. We will speak of your issue and your goals and get going with a few Zoom sessions to make sure that your 10 days aboard are absolutely spot on targeting your pain points.Get in touch for a free consultation. This retreat is for entrepreneurs and creators of any kind. I am happy to introduce how this works to serious candidates. established business/organizations; reach goals more smoothly startup of business/organizations; eliminate obstacles, get clear on the focus for content and goalsetting orientation for business and projects; get clear on the purpose and goals before choosing a direction transformation in business and goals; Need a totally new plan within an existing concept?  The need to change course within a company can be a partly blinded process by what the business has already accomplished. new plans?: Times like 2020-2022 sure have us rethinking our course and bearing, so to speak. This retreat gets you aligned.    From Business to Blissness! Liberating retreat content with breakthroughs bound to happen in business and its structures and protocols, but also in each participant's private life. What if business can be ease, joy and glory? Extended versions: This retreat can be extended from 10 to 14, 21 or 28 days. It can also be split-planned subscription 1 week per quarter year 2 weeks per half year. Of course, a repetition subscription like this example comes with discounted pricing. The Navigation to Success retreat can also be an essential part of our sabbatical sailing retreats. Moving you Beyond! Welcome aboard.  PS Pre-and post-training/coaching is available. Preparation is included. Get in touch for the details before you book.  

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Get the Results! Business Options

Specific business-oriented courses to be held aboard your own yacht or on larger chartered vessels, as well as project/team or organisation courses for up to 6 participants, are tailored to your (re-)quest.

I facilitate to individuals, small private groups as well as larger groups spread over more vessels or on one larger vessel.

An example as to why releasing on (energetical) charges that regard specific goals is a very smart move:  The process can lead to better results for your business or organisation, or maybe that isolated project you are working on.

Whether in the setup phase or in the middle of development processes that tend to get stuck, new ideas that need to be worked out, brainstorm session that need that breakthrough moment to speed things up.... the results can be outstanding! Releasing on the stagnating energies makes way for focused creation. You can be surprised by the fast and seemingly magical results that can be achieved.

Where teamwork is involved it is a great contribution to have all team members release on their own personal beliefs and disciplines. Even if it seems to have no relation to the goals at all, the reality shows different time and again. 
And doing this specific process without having to share those personal details is the greatest advantage ever with the releasing methods I facilitate:
Save time and money by grouping up, while getting the individual results anyway!

How can it get even better than that?

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