Wellness Services

Make your sailing experience a mini-retreat with added wellness. Choose from energy healing, saltwater healing, a variety of meditations, massage, light physical yoga/pilates exercises, release sessions, and healthy food: Nurture your body, mind, and soul!

All services in the list below can be added separately. They are available when booking any of the WELLNESS SAILING TRIPS collection.
(These services are already included in the Holistic Sailing Retreats). 

LIFEASEA© is offering a selection of affiliated products that have everything and only to do with water and wellness of water for your body or wellness toward the oceans which is vital for all life on Earth. Products and access links you can find here below:

NEW onboard:
 iTera Care Quantum Herz wand introduction sessions
(max 10 minutes) - FREE
The iTera wand produces frequencies between 7-12 Hz (same as body cells) that go up to 1ft deep through body tissue. The effect on the body is the activation of these Herz in the body's own cells which could help restore balance. More info click here  (opens in a new window.

Private Releasing Session $75
A personal individual releasing session to discharge stress, tensions, anxieties and worries and underlying emotions causing stagnation. The result is clarity, peace inside and trust in the future. Based on The Sedona Method pro-level and could be supported with other energy frequency advanced techniques. Sessions are charged per 30 minutes. 
Group Releasing Session  $150
With your group take a group release session aboard. Each participant has its own privacy due to the particular method used. Ony share when you want to. Choose your personal topic or a group theme to release on. Sessions are about 30 minutes.
Yoga Moves • Onboard $ 90
A mix of basic (power-) yoga, controlled dance movement, and a touch of pilates. These body balance and strengthening exercises are held onboard the vessel. Choose for the solid deck or take the front nets for extra balance work. Anyone of the guests onboard can join. Up to 2 sessions per day. A session is 30 minutes. With or without music!
Water Yoga $ 90
Yoga-like movement in the water, specifically to stretch and strengthen the body. Very relaxing! All guests can join. You can use floating aids for these exercises and you can do this twice a day. A session is 30 minutes
Water Whispering Session - groups $250
A unique session with water whisperer Mik guiding you into a symbiosis with the water. The benefits of these sessions are unprecedented. Note: It WILL support your life functions and MUST be disclaimed from healing treatment.
Water Whispering Session - individual & private $150
Water Whispering Session for just you. A unique session with water whisperer Mik guiding you into a symbiosis with the water. The benefits of these sessions are unprecedented. Max 1 session per day. Note: It WILL support your life functions and MUST be disclaimed from healing treatment.
Hands-on Healing Session $75
Using top-level Quantum-Touch© techniques combined with a diversity of advanced energy processes, your body can experience pain relief and be sparked to heal itself. Sessions are charged per 30 minutes. Note: This WILL support your life functions and MUST be disclaimed from healing treatment. Read our terms & conditions.
Access Consciousness "Bars" Session $125
Therapeutic session to discharge limiting thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns from your mind. This is a hands-on session to activate specific points on the head. Only touching the 32 touchpoints on your head can help heal deep stuck emotions. A full session lasts about 75 minutes. Shorter sessions are possible. 1 session per day max. 1-on-1 sessions. Read the Terms and Conditions for the disclaimer.
'Energy' Back-Massage *Special* $125
A back massage with energy-omitting hands is a super relaxing and discharging rejuvenating experience. Performed with first ASEA - RENU28 redox signaling molecule gel followed by massage oil enriched with essential oils. Read the Terms and Conditions for the Disclaimer. 30-minute massage. Only on request prior to your trip.

Meditation $75
A guided individual or group meditation. A Vipassana-based meditation focusing on clearing the mind. Playful follow-up tailored to your interests could be a "Reel in the Future" meditation that ignites using the imagination to create your world. Total time around 30-40 minutes.


Alkaline Water Bottles are a huge benefit to your personal health. The water is changed from low to average pH values to higher alkaline values up to 9 pH. This water is super healthy for your body and it tastes so much better than most of the bottled waters out there. Onboard, you can fill your bottle with bottled water or with our self-made water with the water maker that creates excellent quality freshwater out of seawater. (only during multiday trips) This in itself is a divine treat! How does it get even better? Why alkaline water? For more info and purchase your own bottle(s), go here: 
You can also pre-order with us so your bottle is waiting for you when you get here. * given enough time for shipping.

ASEA Redox Rejuvenating Supplement and Skincare are based on a patented breakthrough cellular technology that finds its origin in saltwater, hence why this excellent product range has found its way onboard the boat. When you are sailing with me in Puerto Rico on a multi-day or week retreat you will receive a sample to use. it can soothe sunburned skin, and give you an overall nourishing feeling when applied to your face or body. Perhaps I pull it out for yet another first aid application; I can tell you numerous stories where the Renu28 gel or the Redox water has saved the day in miraculous ways! It comes in drinkable redox water or as a transparent gel in a tube. You can buy this product and get more info once you are on board, or go here: redox.lifeasea.com
I can pre-order products for you to have your first bottles and tubes waiting for you when you get here. *it mails in 3-5 days and saves you luggage space and weight. get in touch.



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