Exclusive Retreat Coaching Programs

A U T H E N T I C I T Y 
The unique coaching programs facilitated during the Exclusive Sailing Retreats are focused on you getting reconnected with your authentic nature and heart's desires and then manifesting those dreams.

R E L E A S E  &  C R E A T E 
Body, Mind and Spirit undergo an unparalleled replenishment through the deliberate dissolving and releasing of limitations. You are in professional hands guiding you through that process. 

A W A R E N E S S 
Taking it a step further the specialty and expertise of your coach and facilitator is expanding Awareness and tuning into Consciousness where Creation takes place.
This is not about "the Secret" or about a universe power outside of you; This is about the Universe inside of you giving the power over your life back to you. What if it's easier that way?

W A T E R W H I S P E R I N G 
Saltwater, its healing capacities and water consciousness and what that can mean are woven like a golden thread throughout all the sailing retreats. 
Backed by a science archive the news about water consciousness is more and more exposing its true meaning to humanity.  Mik is one of the "Water Whisperers" destined to share this profound information. With practical exercises and products enhancing your well-being, you can experience this knowledge for yourself. 

​More information about Mik's exceptional connection with water on https://waterwhispering.com. 

B E N E F I T S 
Purpose of the sessions and exercises during our specialty sailing retreats:
• Utilize the healing aspects of seawater
• Stress Relief for body and mind
• Release your limiting beliefs 
• Reconnect with your true Self
• Learn how to expand Awareness and learn why!!
• Creating your life and dreams from Consciousness.
• Many many tools and exercises to use forever...

Everything on board the yacht surrounded by water and in the water is about wellness;
Healthify, Wealthify and Beautify your Life.

W E L C O M E  A B O A R D 


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"The Water Whisperer"

Mik Moves

Mik Moves

Founder, Coach & Captain
Mik Bijleveld, aka, Mik Moves is the founder of MikMoves® and Sail into Consciousness™ Born on the water (1967) she develops a special bond with water throughout her life. She also travels and lives in foreign countries growing up. Art Academy and photography fine-tune her conceptual creativity which sets a baseline in her future career. Her capacities with energy work, healing and perception, develop at a sudden turning point in her life. Working with clients inspires her into professional coaching and diversity of training to enhance her powers and secure her sessions. Sailing was a calling that combined her accumulated knowledge with her newfound water communication skills. You can imagine, you are in extremely capable hands! A lady with a rich life experience and a non-judgmental attitude making you feel welcome to be you at all times. She'll take you beyond... How far you wish to go?