Once upon a time (not tooooo long ago..) on a beautiful fine day, I arrived in Barbados after an Atlantic crossing all the way from Cape Town, South -Africa. My first official shower after 28 days was in a bikini on the beach...

I soon sailed from the east US coast returning via the Bahamas back in the Caribbean. My appreciation for this unique area in the world grew significantly.

The chance to sail in Belize in the west was short but sweet.. A place to go back to! Then sailing from the Cayman Islands to Jamaica and onward, north past Cuba and Haiti, to the Bahamas again was another amazing opportunity.

Along the way, my fondness for these places and the waters kept growing. Over time I added the British Virgin Islands, the US-Virgin Islands, and then beautiful sailors heaven Puerto Rico form where I sailed a crossing of the Caribbean Sea south to Aruba, soon followed by visits to Bonaire and Curaçao.

Expanding horizons

Along the travels, something ignited my curiosity about the Dominican Republic. And so I decided to explore it; first by land, and now it's the turn for the shores and sea. And then Grenada and St.Vincent & Grenadines are among the top on my list. Gradually moving my way up north along the Leeward Islands would make for the most perfect sailing cruise.

There is much more to discover in the Caribbean and that is what I am setting out to do. Join me for more adventures of a lifetime! Can you taste the fresh air of freedom already as I do?

Get in touch if it feels like a dream to cruise this area. Let's make it happen.

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Let's go sailing!

Capitana Mika