Your Exclusive Sailing Journey

Imagine the tranquillity of open space, that beautiful sea around you and below the boat..Imagine the breeze! Wind in the sails.. woosh here we go! We're sailing away leaving society behind.

Feel the movement of the boat on the water, and a special ambiance onboard..
Imagine the paradisical bays where we will anchor. We will play in the seawater, on the beaches, hike to historic lighthouses on top of island hills and enjoy the fabulous views. 
Eat on board and sit on the nets of the catamaran at night to share our findings while gazing at the stars. The group and private sessions can be anywhere and at any time in this unique setting. You'll find the boat to be such a dream... come true!!

And then get ready to be guided and coached on how to tap into Consciousness. And understand why!
This retreat 'Sail into Consciousness' is like sailing into You: Discover the power within and how to master this toward creations in your life.

Using your spiritual level of Awareness, as well as your wonderful Imagination will turn out to be the tools you need. We will practice expanding our awareness and holding the focus of our imagination. Meditations, visualizations, and sound frequency sessions will support you throughout this process.
You will find out how to connect with Consciousness!

Creating your future starts in every ‘moment of now’; What you see around you today is a 'creation' made in the past. Find out how this actually works and practice the power of your imagination to create beyond what is here now. Many practical and scientifically proven examples will help you fully grasp this in its essence. 

This is an exhilarating, inspiring, hands-on experiential opportunity to proceed in creating the Life You Love To Live. This is not just talking about it, This is DOING it. You will notice differences quickly.

Create your Future NOW, by feeling it as if it's already done in the past: then reel it in! Let's start! Once you master these techniques you will propel in life like never before.

Your facilitator and coach is Capitana Mika also known as the Water Whisperer. Mika is a certified coach and counselor and has studied advanced levels of holistic quantum healing and effective releasing techniques. Moreover, she has studied and practiced these techniques over the course of time, giving her the possibility to fine-tune and connect what works. 

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more or discuss your personal situation.

This unique holistic sailing retreat is a combination of body movement such as yoga (with certified Yoga instructors) and Mika's "Water Moves", an introduction to the consciousness of water. The food promises health enhancement, the meditation and release sessions promise awareness expansion and by exploring consciousness we set a whole new life in motion. Magic.., with the proper tools you get to use forever!

Welcome aboard!
The prices include the yacht, captain & crew, professional & certified teachers facilitators, and therapists, your comfortable cabin with an ensuite bathroom, full pension catering onboard the yacht, and facilitation of the specific retreat program. Furthermore, we offer the use of paddleboards (max 3), snorkeling gear, use of SandCloud® towels and bed covers, bed linen, a gift bag in your cabin.

RETREAT PRICE of $14999 all included*
Prices for 7 days & 7 nights :
3 Cabin booking- 3 - 6 people:  Price  $ 4999 per cabin ($ 2499 p.p / 6 persons)
2 Cabin booking- 2 - 4 people:  Price  $ 7499 per cabin ($ 3749 p.p / 4 persons)
1 Cabin booking- VIP 1-2 people $ 14.999 ($ 7499 p.p. /  2 persons)

We have Customized Payment Plans to help make dreams come true!
Get in touch to discuss!

1) 6 persons book a trip: deposit $499 + 5 X $400 p.p monthly/ 10 X $ 200 p.p. monthly
2) 4 persons  book a trip: deposit $749 + 5 X $600  p.p.monthly/ 10 X $ 300 p.p.

Each person can have their own payment plan.
Get in touch to arrange your customized payment plan.

*) Flights, airport transfers or other travel expenses, insurance, and any expenses made onshore are not included in the price.

  • Note that,
    For groups up to 12, we arrange a second yacht to form a mini flotilla*;
    send an email to info@sailintoconsciousness.com to inquire.

    Please take notice that a booking requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount, this also applies to accumulated paid amounts of payment plans;
    Please read our Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions to prevent any misunderstandings.
7 Nights 7 Days Available on request Fajardo, Puerto Rico
What's included in your adventure!

What is included in the tour

The program includes

  • Advanced exploring of Consciousness and Awareness
  • Mastering manifestation / create with ease
  • Explore "what is Choice?"
  • Fine-tune your genuine desires
  • Breakthrough sessions 
  • Release Sessions
  • Daily group and private 1-on-1 sessions
  • Unique practical sessions only done on the sea and on the catamaran 
  • Guided meditations calming the mind and expanding Awareness
  • Learn why and how to use this 'Awareness'
  • Night sail into "I AM” exercise
  • and much, much more in between the lines.
  • Visits to the beaches and their shallow surf.
  • Sailing time to uniquely experience the Sea Space
  • Downtime while anchored in quiet bays to snorkel, paddle, swim and sunbathe
  • Nighttime experiential events, depending on full or new moon!
  • Yummy healthy meals, beverages, and much more.

And each Retreat includes the following basic package

  • 7-night accommodation per retreat
  • full pension aboard the yacht
  • private ensuite cabin for max. two persons
  • queen-size bed with high-quality sheets
  • large and small fans
  • all meals are freshly prepared onboard
  • healthy detoxing food & beverages
  • 2 SUP boards (more on request)
  • high-quality snorkel gear
  • use of SandCloud© beach towels
  • Reef and skin-safe sunblock available onboard
  • Aftersun Gel available onboard
  • Desalinated water we make ourselves onboard. 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • All transport expenses to get to and from the boat location (including flights, taxi's, uber fares etc. )
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, beverages, etc. consumed before embarking and after disembarking the yacht. 
  • Any meals/services taken off the yacht on beaches and shore visits.
  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc.
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances delaying or rerouting your arrival at the yacht. 
  • Your personal insurances, like medical and travel insurance. 

Note: the retreats are drug and alcohol-free in order to serve the purpose of the retreats. 


  • Extra coaching sessions during the retreat that exceed what is included in the program at additional cost
  • Holistic energy therapy sessions and body processes available at additional cost.
Here's what you will get out of it!
  • A truly Life-Changing Unforgettable Experience!
  • Set the pace for creating a life you love to live!
  • Master the tools to guide yourself into greater Consciousness.
  • Sailing the unknown Spanish Virgin Islands!
  • Visit a bio-luminescent bay! Puerto Rico has 3 of only 5 in the world! 
  • Breath in the peace of tranquil bays and beautiful beaches.
  • Lively reefs to snorkel and bewonder the underwater world
  • Experience the sea in a totally new way! 
  • Get swayed to sleep on the water on the yacht! 
  • Sleep on the nets on warm nights!
  • Rejuvenate
  • Replenish
  • Detox
  • An introduction to reach anti-aging longevity way of life
This is where you're going to go!

The itinerary of a sailing retreat is highly dependent on the wind and weather in general.
Therefore, we can decide as we go along where we go next!  

The area of sailing is initially the Spanish Virgin waters
with its magnificent beautiful islands and hidden treasures: 

  • Palomino
  • Icacos
  • Vieques
  • Culebra
  • and a few more uncommon places...

​Your starting point:
Puerto del Rey Marina in Fajardo, PUERTO RICO.
Fajardo is a 45-55 minute drive from Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU).
There is also a helicopter pad close to the marina. 

When you book this retreat as an extension to Water Whispering World™ 1.0,
when you add a next sailing retreat straight onto this first one (i.e. Sea of Love / Navigating to Success),
when you wish to extend the retreat with leisure sailing or spread the program over more days than 7, (i.e. a 10-day/11-night retreat),

then we have more time to sail beyond the Puerto Rico islands ad we can head to the US Virgin Islands like St. Croix, St. John and several other gem spots in the area. Because this is all USA there are no different visa requirements.

Get in touch for discounts when booking more than one retreat. 

Pickup point
Here is where you get on board!
LIFEASEA Eco Sailing Retreats, Puerto Rico 3, Fajardo, Puerto Rico View on Map
Dates and Rates
When and how long you can be aboard?
date & duration price
  • Sorry no more sailing trips available. You could get in touch with us at info@lifeasea.com if you'd like to make a booking.