Sailing into the Magic... Wellness Sailing Retreats

•  c l i c k  o n   t h e   i m a g e s   t o   p r o c e e d  •
Moving you beyond what is here now, come sail away to private tranquil sceneries among the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

•  W E L L N E S S    S A I L I N G  • 

Relax, de-stress, focus, detox, embrace healthy wellness vibes. Reconnect with yourself and what life is truly about. 
The ambience of stunning beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and even bioluminescent bays will astound and support you. 

•  L E A D I N G  E D G E •
The Sailing Retreats are leading-edge in exploring Consciousness, expanding (self-)Awareness and mastering  Manifestation of your own reality. In the worst-case scenario, you'll be kick-started into that transformation, while in the best case you'll get to thrive in life like never before. With an expert nutrition and transformation navigator aboard coaching you in your personal journey, you can't go wrong. 

• L E I S U R E  S A I L I N G  •
Any of our leisure sailing charters will introduce you to more possibilities for your well-being. An unparalleled experience awaits you. Delve into a bohemian ambience with a silver lining of wellness options. 

• B U S I N E S S   D O N E   D I F F E R E N T •
For entrepreneurs with an open mind and innovative ideas who are change-makers at heart, the tailored business retreats offer effective methods, tools and shortcuts set goals to achieve the required success. Join with your projects, organisations and business ventures. Manifest and manage your business from Consciousness and create the prosperity you desire.

* C A R I B B E A N  A N D  B E Y O N D •
On request, you can tailor your unique and private sailing retreat anywhere in the world ..where the sun shines. 



° The Uncharted Experience °


B E N E F I T S 

• Feel revived!
• Detox your body from EMF's the easiest way ever!
• Boost your immune system
• Unstress & Unwind

• Inspirational & Motivational

With a sequence of retreat programs, we empower you to create a life you totally love to live!
Expand your Awareness 
and Explore Consciousness on a level of authentic self-discovery through fun and relaxing exercises.


• Reconnect with who you truly are
• Know your genuine hearts' desires
• Find Authenticity to always love what you do.
Create your Life from the inside out!
• Wellness for BODY, MIND and SOUL

Become the captain of your own life!

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