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Sailing Vieques, Puerto Rico - Collection

Sailing Vieques, Puerto Rico

Sailing at/to/from Vieques Island, Puerto Rico. Playful adventurous itineraries are possible with multi-day trips! Want to go out sailing while on vacation on Vieques, check out our day trip options! Just some ideas: Explore Vieques by boat with accommodation on the boat. Travel from main island Puerto Rico from Fajardo to Vieques Enjoy quality time while anchored at one of the paradisical beaches Go snorkelling or paddleboarding, we can even do some fishing Travel from Vieques back to the main PR island, make it a day-trip or include other islands to your itinerary (with a night aboard in a comfy cabin) Explore the Vieques South coast bays with a 2, 3, 4 or more days sailing adventure Plan an itinerary for a sailing trip from Vieques to the other Spanish Virgin Islands.. one, two..? There are many possibilities, and we are flexible in making dreams come true! You are in safe hands with two licensed captains onboard always. Even the optional private chefs that service you aboard the catamaran are qualified sailors. We are a combination of 30.000 NM of international ocean sailing with more than 20 years of knowledge of local Puerto Rican waters with its snorkelling areas and offshore fishing experience. Quite the match! International safety standards are the protocol on this ocean-worthy catamaran covering all the USCG regulations by far. Every trip starts with a Safety Briefing in order for everyone onboard to know exactly what to expect. Anybody fit to sail is welcome aboard to enjoy the comfort of this fabulous catamaran and benefit from the fresh sea breeze, nurturing seawater, healthy foods made onboard, and the specialist holistic services provided during your sailing journey. We are not the booze party boat, moreover, we are the eco-friendly peace and quiet sailing experience. Make it an exciting adventure combining land and water activities or have a peaceful wellness retreat; It's up to you! We'll make it happen. Get in touch to discuss your special wishes. Here a couple of options:

Moving you beyond what is here now, come sail away to private tranquil sceneries among paradisical islands in the Caribbean.


Relax, de-stress, focus, detox, embrace healthy wellness vibes. Reconnect with yourself and what life is truly about. 
The ambience of stunning beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and even bioluminescent bays will astound you. 

The Sailing Retreats are leading-edge in exploring Consciousness, expanding (self-)Awareness, and mastering the Manifestation of your own reality. Transformational journeys support your future in a more loving world.

Any of our leisure sailing trips will introduce you to more possibilities for your well-being. An unparalleled experience awaits you. Delve into a bohemian ambience with a silver lining of wellness. A few hours to multi-day sailing options.

For entrepreneurs with an open mind! Change-makers at heart! The tailored business retreats offer effective methods, tools for life, and process shortcuts to achieve required goals successfully. Join with your projects, organization or business ventures; Manifest and manage your business from Consciousness and create the prosperity you desire.

On request, you can tailor your unique and private sailing retreat anywhere in the world ..where the sun shines. 



° The Uncharted Experience °

*Onboard we speak English, Spanish and Dutch*


• Feel rejuvenated!
• Detox your body from EMF's the easiest way ever!
• Boost your immune system
• Unstress & Unwind

• Inspirational & Motivational

With a sequence of retreat programs, we empower you to create a life you totally love to live! Or take advantage of the services as extras to your wellness trip.

The retreats focus on expanding your (self-)Awareness and exploring Consciousness on a level of authentic self-discovery through fun and relaxing exercises guided by a professional counsellor and coach specialized in life transformation.

What does that mean for you?

• Reconnect with who you truly are
• Discover your genuine hearts' desires
• Empowered authenticity to always love what you do.
Create your life from the inside out!
• Well-being is for your body, mind and your spirit.

Become the captain of your life!

We'll Be Happy To Help You!