1. Holistic Retreats with holistic coaching programs facilitated while you are on board.  This is for people to find their own prosperity consciousness and expand their self-awareness to achieve heart-driven goals to contribute to a healthier, wealthier and more beautiful world. 
  2. Wellness Charters are basic trips with add-on wellness service options. 
  3. Business Retreats are tailored to the entrepreneurial challenge.
  4. Sabbatical Sailing Retreats: long term retreat sailing 2  to 6 months. On request
  • Prices are per trip OR per person: CHECK the DETAILS!
  • max 6 participant retreats or trips: 2 per cabin
  • View the details with the booking. 


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  • 5 Days
Starting from € 949

- EXCITING UNIQUE ONLINE STREAMED CLASS - PLAY WITH THE ENERGIES OF WATER CONSCIOUSNESS ATTEND FROM HOME ! 5 days / 4 hrs per day / AST time / VIA ZOOM or FB-LIVE* / MINIMUM 5 PARTICIPANTS Simulating that you are on board the Water Whispering World™ 5-day online retreat class is a live streamed class. It introduces you to the Water Whispering World the same way like during the actual sailing retreats, except you are not IN the water here or ON the boat here with me, but we simulate that you are. During 5 days for about 4 hours per day -possibly in 2 sessions) you go on a water consciousness journey with the gifted Mik: Emerging in a whole new world of exploring Consciousness with practical tools and individual guidance to expand your capacities. LIVE views of Caribbean turquoise sea, while sailing and while anchored at the most exquisite bays and of your water whispering trainer and founder of the Water Whispering Retreats since 2015 Mik Moves. She will explain, show how to, motivate and empower you, and guide the several different kind of exercises.  Included is LIVE and CHAT/EMAIL Q&A for all class mates.  Practice the methods and tools in natural water close to your home. If winter, no worries, many exercises you can do without being in the water; add the water practices later when temperatures go up again. * depending signal strength ** recordings available for reviewing on a private channel. *** the time and duration of live sessions are flexible to group wishes and possibilities on and in the water.IF YOU WISH TO PARTICIPATE WITH A SMALLER PRIVATE GROUP CONTACT ME FIRST

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Peace & Quiet Day Sailing - Tour

Peace & Quiet Day Sailing

  • 7 Hours
Starting from $ 1,850

Peace & Quiet Sailing says it all!  Let's go sailing! 1 DAY TRIPS are Approximately 7 hours. departing 10 AM return 5 PM A short sail brings you to visit an island close by where you can enjoy a healthy nutritional lunch. Go swimming, snorkelling or visit the shore.  Relax on the nets and enjoy the peace and calm.  Choose any addon from h=our services to add to a holistic experience.  You'll come home relaxed and inspired with creativity to enjoy your life more than before!

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Full Moon Experience! - Tour

Full Moon Experience!

  • 24 Hours
Starting from $ 2,900

T H E  F U L L  M O O N   *One price for up to 6 people* Having sailed to a breathtakingly beautiful spot during the day already, on this full moon date, your lovely group of friends enjoy a mouthwatering delicious dinner served on board. The view is mesmerizing as the sun goes down and the bohemian ambiance aboard adds to the enchanting experience; an event to never forget. Depending on conditions we can head out to open water. Here is a unique and magnificent chance to wonderfully drift on the sea space and merge with the movement and the energy of the moon pulling at the water. This is divine MAGIC! The moonlit deck of the boat will be like a torch beaming up! It is a fantastic occasion to release, but also to receive... Just imagine yourself and your friends onboard. Taking it easy. Relaxing. Lay back on the nets of the catamaran. A peaceful full moon experience! Enjoy each other's company and fall asleep to the rhythm of the swaying boat. Go with the flow and make it a legendary memory. Back on anchor safe for the rest of the night, some sleep on the nets outside, some in their comfy cabins. The scent of fresh bread, coffee, and breakfast spices from the galley wake everyone up in the morning. Sun comes up over. a paradisical bay. So inviting to take a dip in the sea! And then we hoist the sails and the course is set to return to the marina. Or, onward bound discoveries if you have extra days reserved.  So yeah, what are you thinking? I guess you're wondering "could this really be me and a bunch of my friends?" And yes, it can be. Of course. You can join with up to 6 people! Do you want to experience something unforgettable? This can be a truly spiritual ride..Magical and Transformational. CHOOSE the next full moon! May 26 - Flower Moon 7:14 a.m. Jun 24 - Strawberry Moon 2:40 p.m. Time to decide! Call your friends! Any multiple-day sailing trip, mini-retreat or full-on sailing retreat can include this full moon night; it's easy to have this magic be part of it. Check out the options here on the site.  Mik and crew await your arrival. Any questions pick up the phone! (details at the top of the site). W E L C O M E   A B O A R D ! The all-included price for up to 6 persons includes 24 hours aboard; 1-night sail, with dinner and breakfast served. Discuss your wishes for the catering. Departure is at 1 PM and return at 1 PM the following day at Puerto del Rey Marina, Fajardo  

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  • 2 Nights
Starting from $ 2,990

How about proposing to your love ❤️ on a romantic sailing trip?  Mmmm..  Come aboard and set sail to a nice and private spot with quality time in a supreme ambience to make it a paradisical proposal to never forget! ❤️ Then imagine waking up with a romantic breakfast in a beautiful bay. The view?  It is clear turquoise water around you.. A seductive light sand beach with palm trees and lush greens behind it. Birds in the sky.. Turtles in the water..  Have your coffee on the bow nets of the super comfortable catamaran and enjoy the crystal clear water below you. Feel the soft breeze. Take a paddleboard and go to the beach or we can take you there by dinghy ride,  and take a picnic cooler with you. Go snorkelling or hang around the boat.. It is all yours..! A sweet day on and in the water, just you and your love. We'll prepare a wonderful tailored dinner or we arrange a restaurant dinner if there is one at the bay where we anchor for the night.. We'll drop you off and pick you up when you're finished and ready to end your evening with sweet chill tunes, a delightful wine or anything of your choice while relaxing on the nets and watching the stars above..  It cannot get any more splendid and surprising?! Expect romantic decor on the boat and in your cabin, making this an extra special experience. 

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Peace & Quiet 2-day - Tour

Peace & Quiet 2-day

  • 1 Night 2 Days
Starting from $ 3,400

Peace & Quiet Sailing says it all!  Let's go sailing and make this your unforgettable relax and downtime getaway.  We'll sail to visit islands where we will anchor! Just imagine your nights on the water while the boat sways softly to the water movement.  Starry nights? Sleep outside on the nets if you want! Enjoy a lovely time in the sea, on the beach and have that highly appreciated downtime on the catamaran herself. Go swimming, snorkelling or visit the shore by paddleboard or dinghy. Relax on the nets of your private floating island, Makai (meaning island in Hawaiian 'surrounded by water!)   and enjoy the peace and calm around you. * For the night we choose a safe and beautiful spot to anchor and wow, you'll enjoy the swaying of the yacht while sleeping in your private cabins.  Next day, breakfast and more sailing, hike, beach or water fun time.  Choose any addon from our services to get a taste of the holistic experience we offer with our sailing retreats. You can self-cater if you want, or we take care of you.  You'll come home relaxed and inspired with creativity to enjoy your life more than before! *) For real peace and quiet, we suggest avoiding the weekend for booking. In the weekends on the shorter trip destinations, it might be busy and musically loud in the bays where we can anchor. 

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#1 Water Whispering World™ - Tour

#1 Water Whispering World™

  • Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • 7 Nights 7 Days
Starting from $ 3,883

-  W A T E R  H E A L I N G  - WELCOME TO WATER CONSCIOUSNESS Now is the perfect circumstance to cleanse your body, mind and soul. During this retreat you 'dive' into an effective program onboard the catamaran that brings you in deep connection with the water around and below you. Submerge your body into this life-giving salt bath and reap more benefits than you ever thought possible.  This retreat program first introduced in 2015 and invites you to come aboard with an open mind to discover the secret capacities of the sea. You'll experience in a practical sense its benefits on a cellular ánd spiritual level. Get ready to rejuvenate, replenish and have a wellness experience of unparalleled character.  Learn how to utilize the secret healing capacities of seawater.  Be introduced to water consciousness and what that means to you personally and to the world you live in. Discover new science of water and gain unprecedented knowledge.  After participating in #1-Water Whispering World™ you are ready to proceed to #2-Oceans of Awareness™, the next retreat in the sequence of four exclusive and absolutely unique sailing retreats.  Welcome aboard!Please take notice that a booking requires a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total amount, and please read our Cancellation Policy and Terms & Conditions. 

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#4 Sea of Love (Water Whispering 2.0) - Tour

#4 Sea of Love (Water Whispering 2.0)

  • Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • 7 Nights 7 Days
Starting from $ 3,883

NEW  We all know the saying “you too can be that drop that builds an ocean”.  How united can we be when knowing we are made of water cells that communicate with each other? “Another unique explorational retreat on the sea while sailing around paradisiacal islands in the Caribbean Sea.   Sea of Love™ is Water Whispering 2.0 ; a deeper dive into the advanced results we can achieve as water-based creatures. "For the love of our planet and life existence, the role of LOVE might be larger than life itself..” Welcome aboard!

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#2 Oceans of Awareness™ - Tour

#2 Oceans of Awareness™

  • Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • 7 Nights 7 Days
Starting from $ 3,883

WHY expand your AWARENESS? The essence throughout the retreat is to connect with your authentic self and learn how to use your own Awareness to assist you in acknowledging your dreams! Stop copying others. Stop doing what others expect of you. This is about that  special idea  you have laying in a draw, that plan you have put on hold or too long, or that adventure you never got around to; ARE YOU WAITING FOR THE TIME TO BE RIGHT? The TIME is NOW The world is upside down and you might want to reconsider your options. How about you grab that once in a lifetime chance and fine-tune those heart's desires? Everyone has personal dreams to pursue and the time is without a doubt now to figure out what they are if you don't know them yet. With the guidance that you will receive - privately and in group format- the barriers limiting you will fall away.IMPORTANT TO USE YOUR AWARENESS With your awareness on low or off, it's never gonna happen. Because your Awareness is Thé Tool to Consciousness: The better you are skilled to use this tool the easier tuning into Consciousness will become AND you will need it when you want to see your goals actually manifested in your reality. Lifting the veil to that manifestation process you can make your steps in that direction after this retreat.  With the training and coaching in this retreat you get to improve the clarity over your life in any aspect:  What is it you truly want..; What direction do you want to go? What do you want to add to your life? And HOW? Use what you learn here forever. Practice your awareness like it's a muscle, Once you have the routine you know it.   You can take your time in between retreats to practice what you learned onboard to fine-tune your authentic hearts desires and come back for the next retreat in the series; 'Sail into Consciousness' is the third Sailing Retreat where you will learn by practical guidance and sessions exactly how the creation process, the manifesting of your dreams, how it really works. Firstly though, muscle that awareness and here you learn how.  Welcome aboard!

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#3 Sail into Consciousness™ - Tour

#3 Sail into Consciousness™

  • Fajardo, Puerto Rico
  • 7 Nights 7 Days
Starting from $ 3,883

Imagine the tranquillity of open space, that massive amount of water around you and below you. Feel the movement of the boat on the water, and a special ambience onboard.. Be guided and coached on how to tap into Consciousness itself. Sailing into Consciousness is like sailing into You. Discover the power within and how to master this toward creations in your life.  Using your spiritual level of Awareness, as well as your wonderful Imagination will turn out to be the tools you need.  You will find out how to connect with Consciousness Find out about Creating for the Future, which starts in every ‘moment of now’. What you see around you today is a creation made in the past. Find out how this actually works. Practice the power of your imagination to create beyond what is here now. Many practical and scientific proven examples will help you fully grasp this in its essence.  An exhilarating, inspiring, hands-on experiential opportunity to proceed in creating the Life you Love to Live. Create your Future NOW, by feeling it already done in the past: then reel it in! Let's start! Once you master these techniques you will propel in life like never before. This uncharted sailing retreat builds on the first two retreats.  Your guide and coach is Mik also known as the Water Whisperer. Mik is a certified coach and has studied a selection of healing and releasing techniques to advanced levels. Moreover, she has studied and practised these techniques over the course of time giving her the possibility to fine-tune and connect what works.  Feel free to connect if you want to know more!  Welcome aboard!

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