Sailing Vessel Makai is a 50ft Voyage catamaran built in South Africa in 1997. The vintage characteristic ambiance of this catamaran is a mixture of sportive performance and style while offering comfortable luxuries that make life onboard pleasant, easy, and playful at the same time. Adventurous by nature! Yes, she was designed and created for ocean crossings and has outstanding stability on the sea.

Keywords describing this amazing vessel are

  • accommodating
  • comfortable
  • high-performance
  • functional elegance and style
  • smart design, also inside the boat, for ease with sailing

    She is an absolute joy to sail. Reaching nice speeds with little effort, this lady is still ahead of the game!

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We'll do a live ZOOM tour on the boat with you so you always see the current ambiance!


  • With 3 Cabins available for guests accommodating
  • 2 persons sharing the queen size bed
  • the queen-size bed consists of 2 mattresses
  • Ensuite Bathrooms with each cabin
  • with shower
  • and sink
  • hot and cold water
  • electrical head (toilet)
  • plenty of storage space in each cabin
  • Fans in all cabins; note that the airflow through the boat is splendid by design of the hatches.
  • two extra outside showerhoses (hot and warm water) at the tail steps to rinse off salt and sand when coming aboard after swimming or snorkeling

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE Please keep in mind when you book that all participants to your trip have the mobility and fitness to move around the boat. Exceptions can be made but only after discussing the situation. 

  • the per person BODY WEIGHT should not exceed 220 lbs.
  • Access to the beds is via three-step (see pictures)
  • Also, there are steps to enter the hulls leading to the cabins. (see the pictures)
  • The catamaran requires being able to step bigger steps between different levels outside on the deck and on entry inside the boat.


Yes, let's minimize our footprint. And also let's respect nature around us. Pollution is not just oil and chemicals - even the shampoo going down the drain or the sunscreen you use, etc-,  it's also noise. We aim to keep the decibels low but enjoy ourselves just the same. We also tend to avoid places where other boaters do not respect this. We avoid jet ski areas, and boat booze partying full anchorages. although sometimes it's not all in our hands...

  • WIND First of all, let me say we are sailors. We sail! As much as possible we use wind power to make our moves. ;)  Depending on the wind conditions on the day of your trip we could be moving slowly or fast and everything in between.
  • SOLAR power charges the batteries during the day and likely your phones, laptops, tablets, and camera gear.. ;)
  • 110 V The invertor on board provides 110V on the outlets on board the boat. The socket plugs are USA type.
  • USB Double sockets in every cabin!
  • POWER MANAGEMENT We ask our guests to be mindful of the power they use. Especially on overnight trips, all our vital equipment needs to keep working. It could be that for that reason outlets and USB ports in cabins are switched off during the night to prevent the battery voltage from getting too low.
  • GENERATOR A powerful generator is our backup to charge batteries and powers the water maker and other high Watt demand electric appliances. A generator uses fuel and makes noise. Hence mindfulness with using it.
  • WATER MAKER Ocean water taken from deeper and clear waters is turned into clean freshwater and fills our water tanks. When required we run the generator to use the water maker during the sailing time. We produce at least 30 gallons of fresh water per hour.. Living on this boat requires of guests and crew to be mindful when using water to not sill or use excessively if not

SAILING is taking it easy, enjoying the breeze, the water sounds, and the movements of the boat. RELAX!
Sailing is not like going from A to B like driving a car. Sailing requires navigation sometimes adjusting the course to keep using the wind to get to the desired destination and sometimes we can stick to the course and just trim the sails. Trimming sails means setting the sails in a different position to keep catching the wind flow to make the boat move forward.

Remember that sailing is all about calming down, letting go, relaxing and unwinding. If there is a hurry, well, let's not go there... charter a power boat!

We discuss the passage with you when we get ready for your trip. We determine the strategy for the day, with the captain having the final call at all times because conditions can also change while we are on our way. Captain's call is based on more than 32000NM ocean sailing and a Yachtmaster license. It is to keep the vessel safe to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. A captain's request is a command to abide by all individuals on the boat.

MOTOR-SAILING is using the engines to support speed when winds are low. Only in case we really have to we 'motor sail' supporting the speed when winds are light, we have two 39HP Yanmar inboard diesel engines on each side of the boat; they are extremely economic and we use them only for moderate speeds. We mainly use the engines to maneuver the boat, for instance getting in and out of the dock slip, exiting and entering the marina, hoisting and lowering the main sail,  anchoring, and other specific actions.

The two aft cabins (back of the boat)and the starboard bow cabin (left front of the boat) are available for guests staying overnight. Access is via steps leading down into the hulls from the salon and galley area.

A comfortable couch around a table in the salon makes for a cozy hang-out spot. The galley bar divides the galley from the seating area and has three bar stools.

The galley (the kitchen) itself is spacious and fully equipped. There is a fridge, cooler, and freezer. We also have a 65 L Yeti in the cockpit for ice and drinks.
A 4-burner stove with oven that works on propane gas. And a variety of electric appliances, pots and pans, and utensils provide for making the menus creative and healthy.

The covered cockpit is the outside seating area where you'll be enjoying your meals. BTW, No food is allowed in the cabins.! It is shielded from the sun and not all but most rain. Here also a long enclosed cushioned seating area around a large outside table gives comfort during sailing.
Sliding doors open the salon area fully to the cockpit.

The aft deck holds our tender (dinghy) and when in the water this teak deck gives lots of space to hang out and swim from when we are anchored.
The side platforms in the cockpit area are great for relaxing and enjoying the trip and the view
Of course, the catamaran has a beautiful set of colourful bow nets that are so comfortable to lay back on that you never want to get up.. NapTime!! ;)
Lots of space on the front deck where we also do Yoga sessions and even two bow seats on the tip of each bow to enjoy the ride or your coffee in the morning...


length 50 ft | 15,24 m

beam 27 ft | 8.23 m

draft 4.1 ft | 1.25 m

mast height  68.22 ft | 20.80 m

AB 12 ft with a 15 HP Yamaha outboard engine