Combining the SEA Sailing Retreat Experience with Luxury LAND Accommodations. Kicking off this expansion of the programs in the Dominican Republic.

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Amazing Beach Front Resort with views to die for!


  • Las Galeras, Dominican Republic
  • 7 Nights 8 Days
Starting from $ 4,619

NEW and EXCITING HOLISTIC RETREAT combining OUR UNIQUE SAILING EXPERIENCE with luxurious BEACHFRONT VILLA accommodation. An absolutely unique new exciting opportunity where you will be guided on a transformational journey in the beautiful area of Samana in the Dominican Republic while you stay on shore in a BE-YOU-Tiful environment for the shore-based sessions, beach sessions, and then of course the catamaran sailing for the sea experience and specific sessions all part of this retreat's program. You will touch base with the 4 Sail into Consciousness retreat programs featuring the salt water from the sea, now enriched with the freshwater experience of waterfalls and pools!  The 4 retreat programs are Water Whispering World Oceans of Awareness Sail into Consciousness Sea of Love These 4 retreats all hook on to one another, preferably 1 to 4 in sequence. But depending on your experience and your desired growth you can join any of them. Ask for a consultation for a recommendation on which one matches you best to start with.    

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