Your Exclusive Sailing Journey


A healthy body is a tremendous booster to create your life from; It takes away a lot of stress and has you focus on what you really want out of life. Feeling better creates better! And these days more than ever, a strong immune system is quite the necessity! Maybe you feel intuitively that you need to adjust, change your ways and be aware of your vision for the future. And stay strong with that. This Vitamin Sea Retreat can be as in depth as you wish it to be.  What do you need to do to prepare for the future?

The sailing retreats each give you só much, but this additional one is a baseline retreat. 
As a stand-alone option
, it's a great support in all that you want to get out of any the retreats.
In that regard, it is a good kick-off to get acquainted with what a sailing retreat with us is like. 
It's special. Meant for private groups up to 6 people with one fixed price for the whole package per trip.

The magic word here is "Group"! 
Have fun together with relaxing release sessions and meditations or physical yoga-related and water exercises are part of the program with nutritional feel-good value giving you a health boost! It's possible to add a class of a particular method; what that will be is to be discussed. 

  1. The result will definitely be that You'll have more ENERGY!
  2. You'll start to feel your body strengthen 
  3. Get started to build that smooth moving body!
  4. And prepare for fat-loss (only if you have to)
  5. Gain clarity in thinking!
  6. In addition, even though we go by a natural flow,
    it is also a discipline changer that can serve you in many, many ways to come.
  7. This retreat program is specific for group activity. 
  8. Add-on private sessions are separately available.   

The menu during the exclusive sailing retreats is of a deliberate healthy nature:
Meals are light but super nutritious and  healthy and tailored to your taste buds! Pure nutrition!
Expect to be spoiled with delicious juices, smoothies, salads, and amazing snacks and beverages.

And yes, OF COURSE!, the SEA and her spectacular water secrets are part of this program too!

Welcome Aboard! 

With Love,


6 Nights 7 Days 04 Oct, 05 Oct, 06 Oct, and more Safe Harbor Puerto del Rey
What's included in your adventure!

What is included in the tour

  • Specific Exercises with/on/in the sea and the catamaran.
  • Water Secrets! 
  • Guided release sessions and light meditations
  • Calm the mind and expand Awareness 
  • Learn and Practice effective releasing tricks to use forever 
  • Beach time.
  • Snorkel and Swim time
  • Sailing time to uniquely experience the Sea Space
  • Downtime anchored in quiet bays to snorkel, paddle, swim and sunbathe
  • Nighttime experiential events 
  • ​Yummy healthy meals, and much more..

And each Retreat includes the following basic package

  • 7-night accommodation per retreat
  • ​full pension aboard the yacht
  • private ensuite cabin for max. two persons
  • queen-size bed with high-quality sheets
  • airconditioning and fans
  • all meals prepared by an onboard chef
  • healthy detoxing food & beverages
  • Standup Paddleboards
  • high-quality snorkel gear
  • use of beach towels
  • Reef friendly and skin safe sunblock onboard
  • Aftersun Gel 
  • ​Notebook 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • All transport from and back to the boat location (including flights, taxi's, uber fares etc. )
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, beverages, etc. consumed before embarking and after disembarking the yacht. 
  • Any meals/services taken off the yacht on beaches and shore visits.
  • Personal expenses like tips, telephone calls, laundry, etc.
  • Any costs arising out of unforeseen circumstances delaying or rerouting your arrival at the yacht. 
  • Insurances, like medical and travel insurance. 
  • Note that the retreats are tailored to your needs, yet in principle, the retreats are drug and alcohol-free in order to serve the purpose of the retreats. 
  • ​Check your insurances for coverage as sailing can be considered a dangerous sport even though we are cruising along calmly.
Here's what you will get out of it!
  • A truly Life-Changing Unforgettable Experience!
  • Set the pace for creating a healthy life!
  • Expand your Awareness with the Water Whisperer
  • Sailing the unknown Spanish Virgin Islands!
  • Visit a bio-luminescent bay! Puerto Rico has 3 of only 5 in the world! 
  • Breath in the peace of tranquil bays and beautiful beaches.
  • Lively reefs to snorkel and bewonder the underwater world
  • Experience the sea in a totally new way! 
  • Get swayed to sleep on the water on the yacht! 
  • Sleep on the nets on warm nights!
  • Rejuvenate
  • Replenish
  • Detox
  • An introduction to reach anti-aging longevity way of life
This is where you're going to go!

We'll be sailing the Spanish Virgin Islands of Puerto Rico. 
Islands that are possible to visit are Vieques, Culebra and Culebrita, Icacos and Palomino, Pineros, Luis Pena, etc., with each their specific bays that are nature's gems.
You embark ad disembark at the marina in Fajardo. 

Pickup point
Here is where you get on board!
The trip departs from Puerto del Rey marina in Fajardo. The sailing retreat cruises the Spanish Virgin Islands. The itinerary will depend on weather and sea conditions at the time of your trip. View on Map