e x c l u s i v e s a i l i n g

Peace & Quiet Sailing says it all! 
Let's go sailing!

Your relax and unwind getaway! Retreating to peace and quiet to enjoy nature's miracles and sea life.

With time to make an advanced itinerary, we can sail to visit more islands and stay in different bays. Enjoy a lovely time in the sea, ton the beach and have a great downtime on the catamaran. 

Go swimming, snorkelling or visit the shore for hikes or a visit to the Bio Bay
Relax on the nets of the boat when we are swaying on anchor and enjoy the peace and calm.. and your "amazing back garden".

Choose any addon from our services to experience holistic wellness.

For the night we choose a safe and beautiful spot to anchor and wow, you'll enjoy the swaying of the yacht while sleeping in your private cabins. 

Lots of time for sailing, shore visits, beach walks or snorkelling and water fun time.
You'll come home relaxed and inspired with creativity to enjoy your life more than before!

3 Nights 4 Days 25 Jul, 26 Jul, 27 Jul, and more
i n c l u s i v e s

What is included in the tour

  • sailing time 
  • anchor time
  • snorkel gear
  • paddleboards
  • all meals and snacks onboard
  • healthy refreshing beverages

    and of course, we provide
  • sheets
  • towels
  • reef and skin-friendly sunblock
  • aftersun 
  • music onboard


What is NOT included in the tour

  • travel to and from the vessel.
  • insurances (travel and medical) 
  • food and beverages purchased onshore
  • add on services from our holistic wellness listings. 


b e n e f i t s
  • relax and unwind
  • Your private getaway! 
  • Recharge your own batteries!
  • Feel the detox a from EMF radiations from your daily surroundings.
  • get a taste of what a retreat could be for you
  • Be inspired! 
  • Be motivated! 



i t i n e r a r y

Sailing to the Spanish Virgin islands from Marina Puerto del Rey, Fajardo. 
Which one(s) to choose depends on the wind, your wishes and the day that you want to go. 

Embark and disembark at the marina. Details will be provided after booking.