Sailing into the Magic... Wellness Sailing Retreats

•  c l i c k  o n   t h e   i m a g e s   t o   p r o c e e d  •
Moving you beyond what is here now, come sail away to private tranquil sceneries among the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

•  W E L L N E S S    S A I L I N G  • 

Relax, de-stress, focus, detox, embrace healthy wellness vibes. Reconnect with yourself and what life is truly about. 
The ambiance of stunning beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and even bioluminescent bays will astound you. 

•  L E A D I N G  E D G E •
The Sailing Retreats are leading-edge in exploring Consciousness, expanding (self-)Awareness, and mastering the Manifestation of your own reality. In the worst-case scenario, you'll be kick-started into that transformation, while in the best case you'll get to thrive in life like never before. A Win-Win! With a transformational coach aboard supporting you in your personal journey, you can't go wrong. 

• L E I S U R E  S A I L I N G  •
Any of our leisure sailing trips will introduce you to more possibilities for your well-being. An unparalleled experience awaits you. Delve into a bohemian ambiance with a silver lining of wellness options. 

• B U S I N E S S   D O N E   D I F F E R E N T •
For entrepreneurs with an open mind and change-makers at heart, the tailored business retreats offer effective methods, tools, and shortcuts to set goals and achieve the required success. Join with your projects, organizations, and business ventures; Manifest and manage your business from Consciousness and create the prosperity you desire.

* C A R I B B E A N  A N D  B E Y O N D •
On request, you can tailor your unique and private sailing retreat anywhere in the world ..where the sun shines. 



° The Uncharted Experience °


B E N E F I T S 

• Feel revived!
• Detox your body from EMF's the easiest way ever!
• Boost your immune system
• Unstress & Unwind

• Inspirational & Motivational

With a sequence of retreat programs, we empower you to create a life you totally love to live!
Expand your Awareness 
and Explore Consciousness on a level of authentic self-discovery through fun and relaxing exercises.


• Reconnect with who you truly are
• Know your genuine hearts' desires
• Find Authenticity to always love what you do.
Create your Life from the inside out!
• Wellness for BODY, MIND and SOUL

Become the captain of your own life!

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